What Can I Expect from a Reading?

Find meaning, direction and closure with a spiritual reading

Many visit a medium is to cope with a great loss. Loss is an inevitable part of life. When dealing with intense grief, it's easy to feel helpless, especially when the situation is fresh. Although tragic, death doesn't have to be a mystery.

I connect with the energy surrounding my client and share what is relevant for my client. My readings will have an element that can focus on a loved one who has passed. Coming to the realization that death is not the end of the road-we keep going and thriving after we pass, and we are incredibly supportive from the other side after we pass. When we transition, we enjoy watching over our loved ones, guiding them, loving them-some still even enjoying family get togethers, vacations, baseball games, dance recitals, etc.

After we have transitioned, some still enjoy giving advice (especially now given the vantage point of seeing the entire picture of what life on earth is all about, etc.) After the loved ones have made a personal connection and validation, it is common for my readings to include a spiritual healing and guidance piece (sometimes from a loved one, sometimes just from the Divine).

I often tune into messages for my clients of what direction to focus and what one can look forward to or how to work through a tough situation. I even have people come to me without a significant individual who has passed but more for their own guidance and direction -in which their spirit team on the other side will jump right in to give my client just what they need to live life to its fullest with direction and purpose.

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