Heal Open Wounds With a Group Reading

Heal Open Wounds With a Group Reading

Let the spirits reveal the answers you need

When a family experiences a tragedy or the death of a loved one, it's normal to feel lost. Find closure and connect with your spirit guides at Visions by Nika. I will provide specific messages from Source, your loved ones or spirit guides that will give you all a new level of clarity.

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What can you expect from your group reading

Group readings are similar to individual readings in format. However, since I am an empath, I will pick up on the energies of everyone in the room. After explaining my process and my gift, I'll:

  • Connect with your group's deceased loved ones
  • Decode messages from Source or your spirit guides
  • Open the floor for questions or an open discussion
  • Provide a closing message and blessing

You and your group are sure to leave feeling stronger after your reading.

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