"My reading was incredible! I had it done with my sister in the room as well, and Nika got in touch with our grandma, knowing something about my sister that my sister hadn't even told me. It was amazing, I was crying, as well as my sister. Getting contact with our grandmother was a blessing, and I thank Nika so much!"



"I heard about Nika through a family member. She did a reading for my Nephew and my son who passed away in May of 2017 came through to him. When I heard this I immediately called Nika to read for me. I was so excited after my reading. My son did actually come through to her and answered many questions I had due to him taking his own life. I have since had her come to my home for group readings and they have been spot on for all who attended. I will be forever grateful to her for sharing her gift with me and my family and friends that have unanswered questions about their loved ones that have passed! I will continue to call upon her when I need that connection to my son on the other side. Thank you Nika!"



"A peaceful feeling followed by butterflies. You can feel the energy almost instantly. Nika looked at me, smiled, sat down and said "should we start?" She closed her eyes, inhaled and then slowly exhaled. What followed was truly a gift from heaven. As each of the members of my family (there are quite a few) who came through were able to validate their passing and a great many messages for me. Nika was even able to capture their personalities. I felt like a millon pounds had been lifted off my shoulders as I left for home. Feeling not only loved beyond this life but confident that they are indeed walking with me through all of it. Nika is very talented and such a gift"

Grateful Client